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SuperPuTTY Guide – Download SuperPuTTY

SuperPuTTY Guide – Download SuperPuTTY

SuperPuTTY is a Graphical User Interface (GUI)-based Windows application that is mainly employed for tab management for PuTTY SSH Client. PuTTY, the open-source terminal emulator is a competent program on its own, but it does lack a tabbed interface. Hence, Superputty does not only execute basic PuTTY commands but also fills the gaps by offering much-needed window management.

SuperPutty screenshot

While SuperPutty fulfills some of the basic functions that free and open-source networking client PuTTY lacks, the add-on application does not perform any SSH or terminal management. Moreover, SuperPutty’s better-tabbed interface permits users to embed PuTTY terminal within a window., therefore, being more user-friendly.

License and Requirements to Run SuperPuTTY

The GUI-based application SuperPutty is licensed under MIT’s license for software, known as the X11 license. With the license, the program is both available for commercial and non-commercial operations. SuperPutty runs on all Windows operating system that supports.Net Framework 3.5 or newer version. As to the requirements, below are some of the basic prerequisite to run the application.

  • Windows OS – XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
  • Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems.
  • The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or newer 32 and 64 bit operating systems are supported
  • The PuTTY SSH Client

SuperPuTTY download

SuperPutty is coded using the general-purpose, multi-paradigm programming language – C#. Moreover, the application supports the Secure copy protocol (SCP) that allows the transfer of the file to and from the remote host.

Download SuperPuTTY-

Download SuperPuttySetup-

Download Source Code

Download Source code (tar.gz)

Users can download the latest stable and usable version from the link. The current stable version is SuperPutty The source code of the application is available on the Git Repository.

Install SuperPuTTY

Installing SuperPutty is very simple, as it comes with an installer. It is packaged as a ZIP file, so users have to just unzip the downloaded application to where you want to store it on the local disk. Although, it is advised that the program is unzipped to a directory that retains the version number of the application as it follows a semantic version numbering system.

For example, the directory could look something like this – “C:\SuperPuTTY\SuperPutty-v1.2.0.8”.

Based on the version a user downloads, the extracted files could look as below:-

  • License.txt
  • SuperPutty.exe
  • README.txt
  • SuperPutty.exe.config
  • WeifenLuo.WinFormsUI.Docking.dll
  • log4net.dll
  • ReleaseNotes.txt
  • SuperPutty.pdb
  • themes

Apart from the tab GUI user interface, there is a number of other features that SuperPutty package comes with such as it supports SSH, RLogin, Telnet and RAW protocols. Other features include tab customizations and export/import session configuration.

Using SuperPutty

Following the installation, users are only required to define a path to the location where the PuTTY executable file is stored. Moreover, SuperPutty can also be incorporated with PuTTY components like PSCP – the command-line secure file copy, that will enable users to transfer files to another system. So, while providing a path to PuTTY, the user can choose to specify the PSCP program’s executable path.

Once done, users can manually connect by entering host information in the top menu bar. Following that, users can also import/export data into the session manager, and create and save sessions.
With SuperPutty, creating new sessions is very easy. The user has to Right-click on any of the PuTTY sessions and chooses the option ‘New’. Now fill in the details of the session and choose ‘Save’. While PuTTy provides many configurations by itself such as terminal and keyboard option, connection-specific settings and saves profiles.

However, these profiles can be edited using SuperPuTTY by clicking on Tools>PuTTY Configuration, in the application Window. Although PuTTY allows creating sessions, the software interface is not user-friendly. Therefore, the enhanced PuTTY offers a better clickable user interface that can manage multiple sessions.

Features of SuperPuTTY

One of the coolest features on the program is that users can manipulate tabs. The feature allows users to freely move open connections anywhere on the screen. Users can not only switch the sides of the tab to right, left, above or bottom but also split the toolbar tab entirely.

The advanced feature helps users compare screens simultaneously without having to shift tabs. To move any tab, users have to just left-click and drag the tab. While dragging, a color screen appears one can drag the tab of the SuperPutty program.

Accessing SuperPutty Using the Command Line

SuperPutty’s primary setting file is called ‘SuperPuTTY.Setting’ and is generally located where the USERPROFILE variable is directed. If not available then it can be found within the USERPROFILE directory. Although, it is advised not to make any changes to this file directly, instead use the ‘Tools option’ on the menu bar to edit.

However, for easy access, users can choose to move the ‘SuperPuTTY.Setting’ file where the applications executable file is stored.

Users can type the following command line on command prompt to see where the setting file is located –


Also, users are permitted to make the runtime configuration of the application. However, such advanced setting is accessible via the application file called ‘SuperPutty.exe.config’ that is located in the application directory.

It is highly recommended to maintain the default setting and make no changes. These files are only to be accessed by advanced users.

Interestingly it is possible to launch the application using the command line. Users must write the following code – SuperPutty.exe –help. The feature allows users to open the application simultaneously while operating other programs on the computer.

While PuTTY as a standalone software is highly advanced and does do most of the functions, SuperPutty makes the user experience more aesthetic by making it easy to save sessions and offer effortless tab management feature. You can check the other putty alternative software here.

Links Credit : https://github.com/jimradford/superputty